Spinning for Weight Loss

The spinning is a very comprehensive exercise; sure you already know that. But maybe you still doubt whether it is possible to lose weight doing spinning practicing this aerobic activity. The answer is Yes.

Spinning is an exercise recommended to lose weight quickly and, at the same time, tone the muscles of the body. But how does she do it? … let’s see:

How to Use Spinning for Weight Loss?

Spinning or cycling is a training session on stationary bicycles that simulates racing of different intensities. These activities are related to aerobic (cardio) loads, allowing you to lose weight quickly. On average, an interval training session can burn 500-600 kcal.

Cycling equipment is different from the usual. This exercise bike is lighter, and the load’s intensity varies by pedaling speed, body position, and resistance level. During the workout, standing and sitting alternate. Due to this, the load is felt throughout the body.

You need to cycle 3-4 times a week if your goal is to lose weight, and 2-3 times if you want to keep yourself in shape. This type of training is suitable for both men and women. At the same time, it is useful to do the spinning and for those who want to diversify their activities with iron. During this workout, blood circulation improves; the muscles are saturated with oxygen.

Cycling is not recommended for people with cardiovascular problems and joint diseases.

Aqua Cycling

This is the case when, with proper nutrition, you will lose weight in a week by doing aqua cycling. The main difference from a conventional spinning rod is that the exercise bike is in the water, and you have to pedal twice as hard to overcome the resistance.

How Much Time Should You Spend on It?

If you have a personal trainer, he is the right person to program your training frequency and intensity. If not, and if your main goal is to use the spinning bike to lose weight and lose weight, I recommend you start with sessions of 20 to 30 minutes a day, four times a week.

Safety Above All

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose weight or just exercise and keep your body toned. The spinning ensures improved significantly for your metabolism.

  • Seat height: Before climbing, stand next to the bike and verify that the seat is at the hip bone level. When riding the bike, your knee should be slightly bent when the pedal is down.
  • Distance between the seat and the handlebar: It should be the same as your forearm, from the elbow to the closed hand. To check this, when sitting down, your knee should not exceed the line of the ball of the foot.
  • Handlebar height: The handlebar must be above the height of the chair. This will ensure a comfortable pedaling.
  • Fitting the shoes: Don’t forget to secure the shoes on the pedal. If the bicycle has some strap to secure them, please check that they are properly adjusted.
  • Add and prioritize natural and nutritious foods in your meals. In this way, the body will remain in optimal conditions for the practice of an exercise as demanding as spinning.

What Muscles Are Trained During Cycling

Cycling and aqua cycling train almost all muscle groups. The following are better pumped:

  • thigh quads – tense best in a semi-seated position;
  • biceps of the thigh – trains by pulling the pelvis back, lifting on toes;
  • calf and soleus muscles – due to them, the correct position of the foot is fixed;
  • triceps and biceps of the arms – trained by the static load;
  • press – mainly used in the “standing” position. Of course, waiting for cubes after cycling is not worth it, but if you keep the abs “stone” during the entire workout, then a flat stomach is provided;
  • back muscles – perform a stabilizing function during training;
  • buttocks – participate in the whole training cycle, so after the first sessions, you will know precisely where your gluteus maximus muscle is.

Spinning That Women Love

Spinning and cycling are now almost like boots with a beveled heel. Fashionable. To keep up, we also decided to try it and went to the sports center. At first glance, nothing special. Exercise bikes in rows, like desks in a classroom, riding on them, happy women. We were pedaling synchronously: sedentary-cycling activity.

We photographed it all and wanted to leave. But then they accidentally noticed how the simulator, by means of the numbers on display, told one of the riders that she (apparently from the beginning of the training) had already burned 360 kcal. At the same time, the girl did not seem tired. Interestingly, we thought, how much time does she study? And they stayed to find out everything.

Evolution Process

All aerobics by type of load can be divided into cardio and strength. Their goals and objectives are different. Strength types mainly shape the figure, develop muscles. Cardioaerobics is aimed at losing weight and developing endurance. Cycling and spinning (sometimes collectively referred to as cycling aerobics) refer to the type that helps to lose weight – cardio aerobics effectively.

At the end of the last century (not so long ago as it sounds), American athlete John Goldberg came up with a room bike and a whole training program with nutritional recommendations and motivation methods. The program quickly turned into a mass madness, first in America and then in other countries. We also have more and more people wishing to participate in cycling on site.

Unique Bike

  • Cycling and spinning help you lose weight in record time: energy costs are 750 kcal per hour.
  • The training room is equipped very emotionally: to keep the group feeling like a real bike ride all the time. There is a massive screen in front of the athletes, on which trees, roadside, paths, smoothly running down, flashing, you can ride on the sand and mountainous terrain. Energetic music in the headphones.
  • Crazily practical sessions usually last no more than 45 minutes. Even not very advanced athletes can easily withstand this.
  • Spinning the pedals in “hard-easy” mode quickly gives the hips, buttocks, and calves a beautiful shape.
  • The cardiovascular system is trained, the pressure returns to normal (magnetic storms have died for you).
  • The stress on the joints is minimal.
  • Exercise on exercise bikes is recommended for women with the initial stage of varicose veins.
  • At the same time, flies, dust, rain, sleet do not fly in the face; there is no wind and other street sports vicissitudes.

Two Differences

The difference between cycling and spinning was not immediately apparent and consisted mainly in the load’s direction. If cycling is distributed to both the upper and lower parts of the body, then spinning develops the lower part primarily. This is achieved by using exercise bikes with different design nuances. Although both can be done on one, varying only the position of the body. Cycling is more like a walking bike ride, and spinning is more like a high-speed one – you sort of group over the steering wheel and work only with your feet.

Sit Well

Cycling – Connect your shoulder blades, lower your shoulders, and pull your pelvis back slightly.

You are spinning around your back, lowering your shoulders as much as possible, imitating a cyclist.

Beginners to Help

Bicycle aerobics is a very young hobby compared to another gym (and very energetic). Therefore, starting to engage in it, we recommend that you be attentive to your well-being.

Please report any problems to the instructor, starting with the fact that, for example, it became uncomfortable for you to sit. It does not occur to everyone that by raising or lowering the saddle one innocent centimeter, you completely change the body’s position and, accordingly, the load on absolutely all muscles.

Keep a bottle of still mineral water with you. During cycling exercises with increased sweating, the body intensively loses fluid. The lack of water and salt in the body must be replenished. Drink two or three sips whenever you feel like it.

It is better if the water is at room temperature; it is not recommended to drink cold during training.

Do not neglect the warm-up. Warm-up, as the instructor shows, all the muscles, even though, as it seems to you, you will have to work mainly with your legs. Both the wrists, the back, and the shoulders are loaded.

How to Lay Hands-on

Cycling and spinning are not only feet standing on the pedals, but also correctly placed hands.

  • Spinning hand position
  • Cycling hand position
  • Cycling (start of workout)
  • Cycling (full load)

Ask the Professionals

Anna Voronina, the instructor of the MARINA CLUB sports and recreation center, answers our questions.

Is it true they say that it is imperative to fasten your feet to the pedals in the classroom, and you cannot get off the exercise bike without the instructor’s permission?

Yes, no, what are you! This is probably some new anecdote! We do not hold anyone by force. I will say more; many ask to increase the number of classes, doing them more often than twice a week. But we do not advise you to get carried away; after all, the muscles should rest. The belts to the pedals have to be tightened tighter, but this is due to safety precautions. A foot that has jumped off at speed cannot be placed on the pedal.

And How to Proceed in This Case?

It will be correct to take your leg to the side and press the emergency stop. After waiting for the rotation to stop, you can insert your leg back into the stirrup. To reduce such problems, we advise you to be careful in training and follow safety precautions.

Say What You Like, but 45 Minutes on a Bicycle Saddle … Does No One Complain?

Yes, out of habit, there is a little discomfort, but not such as to give up training, which gives a great benefit to the body, a charge of vigor, efficiency, and allows you to lose weight amazingly quickly. The saddle problem can be solved. A unique helium saddle cover is sold in sports stores. Or cycling shorts with a special foam padding sewn into the fabric to protect delicate skin from chafing. As a joke, such a pad is called a diaper, but the pants with it look quite professional, in an adult way!

According to the Americans, there are already 30 thousand certified bicycle aerobics instructors in the world.

Criteria for a Good Instructor

You can rely on your instructor if …

He knows how the knee, lower leg, and everything else in the body works.

  • He holds a Cycling Instructor Certificate.
  • During classes, he continually monitors your position and the correctness of movements.
  • He knows about your health problems if any.
  • It can provide first aid.
  • Explains the benefits and meaning of each exercise and warns of potential stress.
  • The music does not drown out his voice.
  • From class to the session, he increases the load. But it does not do it abruptly.

Explanatory Dictionary

Having decided to go in for spinning and cycling, you need to know that …

BT – is a workout for beginners, where you can safely go to try what it is, and are guaranteed to enjoy the beginning of the workout until the end of the exercise.

COOL – training for the prepared. Provide a reasonably severe load for the muscles of the legs, back, shoulder girdle. Forty-five minutes of class for the untrained can seem hard at first.

A Bicycle Ergometer – is an advanced simulator model with built-in computer programs that allow you to select and maintain a specific load and rhythm of training: cardio or weight loss program.

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