Spinning During Pregnancy

Spinning During Pregnancy

Spinning During Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you are likely looking for ways to continue doing sports that allow you to get in shape without endangering the life and development of your baby, in addition to already looking for a way to recover your body after pregnancy.

Perhaps before you got pregnant, spinning was one of your favorite activities, but is spinning safe in pregnancy? Like you, many moms wonder if you can spin while pregnant. For this reason, from fitness gears point, we wanted to dedicate this post to you to dispel your doubts about spinning and pregnancy. Do not miss it!

Spinning During Pregnancy

Can Pregnant Women Do Spinning?

Suppose we talk about spinning that you can practice in your day to day without being pregnant, with the same intensities and exercises. In that case, the truth is that this is not an activity that a priori is recommended for pregnant women. As you know, spinning consists of an anaerobic exercise carried out with a spinning bike, where a monitor is in charge of dictating instructions to the music’s rhythm, marking both the intensity and the pedaling frequency. This is an intense activity with sudden changes in rhythm, which involves excessive effort, so it is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Is Spinning Prohibited During Pregnancy?

Without a doubt, sport is very positive during pregnancy, and there are many exercises to do during pregnancy that can be great for you. Now, you must seek balance and opt for activities that do not involve any inconvenience. There are no additional risks of abortion, premature birth, uterine bruising, premature detachment of the placenta …

Spinning During Pregnancy

In this regard, your gynecologists, midwives, and doctors are the ones who can best advise you on what activities you can do during pregnancy and which ones not to keep you in shape, control your weight and avoid discomfort or pain, such as migraines, cramps or back pains. You should know that spinning is not prohibited during pregnancy, because you can sign up for special sessions for pregnant women or do it in a way that does not carry risks, taking extreme precautions.

Risks of Spinning for a Pregnant Woman

Spinning is done on a bicycle that remains fixed in place; that is, it does not move when you pedal. Normally, in this type of equipment, you set your guidelines: the rhythm, the intensity, the difficulty … But when this equipment is involved in an activity such as spinning, the rhythm and intensity are no longer what you set, but the music. And the monitor, something that translates into a high intensity that, as you know, is not recommended for pregnant women.

Spinning During Pregnancy

As you know, the sport you do during pregnancy should be moderate, since intense activities, such as spinning, can cause problems for both you and the baby, in the short and long term. This overexertion can lead to fainting, dips, injury, sprains, and even premature labor due to uterine contractions that can lead to.

Your low weight can also lead the fetus to gain less weight than it should, delayed intrauterine growth, or even lead your baby to suffer from oxygen deprivation due to an increase in your heart rate above 140 beats/minute. So, what tips should you keep in mind when exercising pregnant? Here are some suggestions!

Tips for Playing Sports During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you must take into account a series of tips to safely play sports to continue to stay in shape without putting your baby’s development and life at risk.

Keep Your Heart Rate Under Control

The heart rate monitor should become almost your best friend during this phase. Of course, nowadays, many of the machines you will find in your gym already have it incorporated, so you don’t need your own. When doing physical activity, always make sure that your heart rate does not exceed 140 / minute.

If they do, stop or slow down. Don’t have a heart rate monitor handy? Your voice can also be your great ally in this regard. Try to speak. If you can’t talk while exercising, then you’re doing vigorous activity. The speech test helps you measure intensity.

Hydration is a Must: Drink Plenty of Water

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to have to go to the bathroom many times. Hydration is essential during exercise. Drink a lot, both during and after sports. And, in the end, do not forget to eat something that gives you the energy to avoid drops in blood pressure and sugar. In this regard, nuts can be a good option.

Spinning During Pregnancy

Take Care of Ventilation

Where you play, sports are important. If it is a closed space, such as your own home or the gym, make sure at all times that you have good ventilation and that the temperatures are not too high, while avoiding direct cold drafts.

Set Your Own Pace Taking Care of Your Well-being

Forget the comparisons and the feeling of shame at this stage! But for everything. Pregnancy is not a phase to compare yourself to what other people do, even if pregnant like you. Keep in mind that we do not all have the same rhythms and that what other moms do does not have to be the best option for you, too. Your physical capacity and your resistance do not have to be the same as the rest, and at this moment, your well-being and that of your baby prevail more than ever.

If you feel tired when exercising, short of breath, or even get painful or start to notice contractions, stop. Don’t force yourself to continue. Even if you are in the middle of a session and need to leave the room, forget about the embarrassment, stop immediately and ask your doctor if it is recommended that you continue doing sports or stop.

Wear Appropriate Clothing for the Physical Activity You Do

When it comes to exercising, your body needs to perspire, and your shoes should help you avoid injuries, blisters, and rubbing. Normally, it is already important that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the activities you do, but even more during pregnancy.

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