Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss

Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss: Swimming in the pool, at sea or in the open water, is a way to have a good time and a sure way to a good figure. Exercise in water is different from exercising on land because your body is in a state of zero gravity. Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss, or is it better to choose another way to get in shape?

Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss

How Often Do You Need to Swim to Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, you should swim at least 3-4 times a week for an hour. Interval training is more effective: vigorous swimming with short rest periods. Increase the load each time, increase your endurance.

Ideally, combine the pool with the gym. For example, one day is strength + cardio workouts; the other day is pool work. This sporty lifestyle will get you in shape very quickly. If you don’t have that much time, then swim 3-4 times a week. This is already good for your fitness.

swimming is the perfect sport if you are overweight because training in the water lightens our body, making the work easier for our joints and reducing the impact of exercise. With this physical activity, you can exercise without injury until you reach your ideal weight.

If we exert ourselves and swim in an intense and sustained way, we can shed several extra kilos, because we will use fat as an energy fuel. For this, we need the training to meet some conditions:

  • An excellent option to burn a lot of calories swimming is to carry out a moderate-intensity training, that is, at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. It is a cardio exercise that helps burn fat.
  • If you intersperse more intense and demanding intervals with this moderate training, the energy expenditure will be higher.
  • It is important to maintain adequate hydration, even if you must stop to drink fluids: water is essential to burn fat and, if you are thirsty or slightly dehydrated, the process will not be as effective.
  • It is good not to eat until an hour after training, to continue burning fat for some time after you stop moving.
  • It is key to have consistency and regularity in training to achieve good results. It does not imply training daily but two or three times a week and sustained way over time.
  • In addition to losing weight, one of the benefits of swimming for women is that it is perfect for reducing cellulite because it favors circulation and does not impact the legs.

How to Burn Calories Swimming

Swimming is used to lose weight, basically because it is an aerobic exercise. Its most significant benefit, on this level, is that, unlike other disciplines -such as jogging, cycling, or spinning-, it is a sport that can be practiced in a calmer way, according to the age and needs of each person.

The good thing about swimming is that, while we train, we do not realize all the exercises we do because our legs and arms are in the water, which “cushions” fatigue and disguises the effort.

Another way to lose more weight when swimming is to reduce your rest periods. If you rest more than 10% of the time you spend in the pool, you should cut it. Relaxing less and swimming longer will keep your heart rate up and help you burn calories.

Swimming Benefits

Swimming is a complete activity that involves not only the cardiovascular system but also multiple muscles. With its practice, we can obtain many benefits for our bodies. Learn about the benefits of swimming:

As it is a demanding activity, it demands effort from the heart and lungs, stimulating your respiratory capacity and improving your circulatory system. It is suitable for reducing cholesterol levels and lowering glucose.

  • It’s excellent for strengthening the body and improving posture. It demands effort from the lower body and upper body muscles: everything works. In this way, it not only promotes fat burning but also contributes to gaining muscle mass, something vital if we think about the fatness that is usually left after weight loss.
  • Todos los estilos de natación son geniales para las contracturas, ya que movilizan y flexibilizan todo el cuerpo. La natación es muy recomendada para los dolores de espalda y para corregir malas posturas.

It is a sport that we can practice all year round. Today, in most cities, there are alternatives to take swimming lessons all year round, regardless of the weather. Many clubs and gyms have heated pools where you can learn to swim or take your children.

Aquagym, Water Spinning and More

If you like the idea of ​​swimming or being in the water, but swimming is not your forte, there are simple exercises -such as aqua running or jogging- (which is walking in the rain with greater demand than outside it precisely because of the resistance that the liquid offers) or scheduled activities that can be very entertaining as well as healthy. This is the case of aquagym or water spinning

Swimming Items

Another way to train harder in the water is to use training aids, such as pull buoys, mitts, frog legs, and planks, which allow you to focus on the muscle groups you want to tone or work your upper body. Or lower body.

Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

You will lose weight from swimming if you do:

  • regularly, 3-4 times a week;
  • at least 60 minutes;
  • intensively and preferably at intervals;
  • You will monitor nutrition.

Pros and Cons of Swimming for Weight Loss


  • Swimming burns 1.5 times more calories than running.
  • There is no stress on the joints in the water, so the risk of injury is reduced.
  • All body muscles are involved: shoulders, arms, abs, back, buttocks, legs.
  • Swimming can be done every day with absolutely no harm to your health. For example, it is not recommended to do strength training more than 3-4 times a week, but you can swim regularly.
  • Swimming activates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism.
  • Swimming is very beneficial for the spine and back (however, it is imperative to follow the correct technique).
  • Exercise in water helps to make your skin elastic and keep it toned. It is a proven fact that regular swimming helps to maintain youthfulness.
  • For many, this is much more fun than working out in the gym.


  • Swimming increases your appetite significantly. If you don’t control your diet, then the chances are that you have fed more than you spent in the water.
  • For weight loss, swimming should be intense enough. Don’t just be in the water or lie on your back, but swim. The fattest burning style is crawl.
  • It would help if you did swimming for weight loss regularly, several times a week. Don’t wait for results in a couple of days. If you want to lose weight and sculpt your body as quickly as possible, it’s best to go to the gym.
  • With the wrong swimming technique, there is a risk of discomfort in the cervical vertebrae. Many women keep their heads above water to avoid getting their heads wet, for example or washing off their makeup. This style puts a severe strain on the spine and can cause neck pain.

Final Thought

Thus, you will only lose weight from swimming when you approach this activity as a full-fledged workout, rather than a relaxing pastime.

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