How to Lose Belly at Home for Men

Losing belly fat and reducing the hated “float” is the goal of many men. However, we know that achieving this is not always easy, as it is necessary to be disciplined with both diet and sport. If you seek a significant result, read on because we are talking about some exercises to lose belly for men.

How to Lose Belly at Home for Men With Exercises

You may have thought that doing sit-ups is logically the most efficient. However, you should know that you are slightly wrong. Abs indeed help, but what you have to pursue if you want to lose belly is burning fat. Therefore, we propose a routine that combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Doing aerobic exercise is how you burn calories and fat. Therefore, you should incorporate a cardiovascular training routine that you follow about three days a week. Very important: the recommended time is at least 45 minutes. Why? It is very simple because, during the first 30 or 40 minutes, the body consumes energy from other deposits. So if you want to lose fat, you will have to exercise for longer.

The intensity should translate into 6 or 70% of your maximum heart rate so that it will depend on your physical condition. Regarding the type of exercise, you can choose between several alternatives: cycling, running, swimming, or even jumping rope are valid options. If you are not used to doing sports, even walking at a fast pace will help.

Strength Exercises

We have already told you that a cardiovascular workout helps you burn fat. On the other hand, strength training allows you to increase lean mass and reduce fat mass. It also raises your metabolism, which in the long run, translates into easier fat burning. Given its virtues, we are going to propose some exercises.

Table of Exercises to Lose Belly for Men

Cardiovascular Training

As we said, the right thing to do is to combine strength exercises with cardiovascular training. Therefore, incorporate into your routine some practice of these characteristics, such as running or cycling.

Plate upside down

Get into a prone plank position, resting your elbows and feet on the floor. Although you will stay in the same place all the time, this exercise forces you to contract your abdomen, thus strengthening the area.

If you want to introduce variations, you can do the movement of bringing your knees to your chest, always maintaining the plank position. You can also modify the exercise slightly to target your obliques. The way to do it is to support only one of the arms on the ground.


This is a complete exercise, as it makes you both tone your muscles and burns calories. What does it consist of? Start standing up and then lie on your stomach, stretching your legs. To finish, get back on your feet, but do it by jumping up and picking up your knees.


Of course, we cannot forget about the abs if we are talking about losing belly. Lie on your back and bend your legs. Then place your hands on your head and flex your trunk upward, contracting your abdominal area. Do several sets of repetitions to get the result you want.

Here are some exercises to lose belly at home for men. However, do not expect to notice your abs marked if you do not follow other healthy habits such as those indicated.

Take Care of Your Diet

Sport helps to have an excellent physical condition, but remember that only 30% of the result depends on it. The diet determines the remaining 70%, so it will not serve you to be disciplined with the training if you then eat fried foods every day.

But how should your diet be? First, you have to try to reduce saturated fats and carbohydrates. Instead, eat a diet rich in fiber and protein.

On the other hand, you have to stop or significantly reduce alcohol consumption. The expression “beer belly” is often used for a reason. One drink that will help you lose weight is tea, so we recommend including this product in your day today.

Other Recommendations

As you can see, exercise and diet mark most of the results of losing belly. However, we must advise you to maintain healthy habits in everything. For example, drinking water in the recommended amount benefits the overall health of your body.

Also, a good rest, 7 or 8 hours each night, is necessary. Think that you will have more energy in this way, so you will also be able to perform more in your training.

As difficult as it may seem to get rid of excess belly fat, it is not impossible. Ultimately, it’s about combining a complete workout with a healthy diet. Regarding exercise, you can see that cardiovascular help you burn fat and strength training helps you tone and gain lean mass. Therefore, the idea is to combine them both on the same day or alternate days.

Final Thought

Follow these tips, and you will surely be able to see yourself as you want. Cheer up! Don’t forget to download your free infographic to follow the exercises correctly.

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