How to Force Yourself to Exercise

How to Force Yourself to Exercise

How to Force Yourself to Exercise: Do you have an acute question of how to force yourself to play sports? Not sure what motivation to come up with to start exercising? Or do you feel like fitness is the very last thing you want to do? Read our simple tips on how to get inspired to workout and get motivated to exercise.

How to Force Yourself to Exercise

Motivation or How to Force Yourself to Exercise?

1. Specify Your Sports Goals

A surefire way to lose motivation very quickly is to do it haphazardly. Make sure to set goals for yourself that will help you progress. This can be an increase in the distance of jogging, the transition to heavier dumbbells or barbells, an increase in the number of repetitions of exercises, or complications of their modifications.

Just always set specific tasks for yourself. For example, increase the weight of the dumbbells by 2 kg per week. Or start push-ups without resting on your knees after two weeks of classes. Or keep the plank position 15 seconds longer each time. This approach will help you get away from the routine in sports and forever forget about how to force yourself to play sports.

2. Make Yourself a Reward

Of course, a cake in exchange for training would be too generous a gift. But if delicious food helps keep you motivated, then you can afford a little reward. For example, if you have not missed any scheduled workout during the week, then you will have a delicious cake on Sunday.

It can be not only food but also, for example, a small gift for yourself in the form of cosmetics, books, or jewelry. However, you should not be cunning and buy yourself a “motivation” if you were unable to do the planned number of times during the week.

3. Keep Your Photo in Your Swimsuit With You

Please take a photo of your body in a swimsuit and keep it as soon as possible: for example, on your phone. The moment you try to force yourself to exercise, look at this photo, and your motivation will increase. 99% of people, even objectively slim and fit, are dissatisfied with their figure. Therefore, a picture in a swimsuit will clearly show you your problem areas and inspire you to workout.

4. Buy Yourself a Sports Outfit

Nothing motivates you to work out like a freshly purchased T-shirt or brand new sneakers. If you are faced with how to force yourself to play sports, buy yourself beautiful sports clothes. Fitness clothing is at its peak right now, so you can easily find a cute version of a T-shirt, pants, and sneakers.

5. Set Yourself Small Tasks

If the thought of an upcoming exercise dumps you, try setting a goal for yourself to exercise for a small amount of time, such as 15-20 minutes. Agree, it’s much easier to tune in to a short workout.

Most likely, in 15 minutes, you will not give up the lesson but will get involved and train at full strength. After all, as you know, the most challenging thing is to start. In the worst-case scenario, you work out for 15 minutes, support your metabolism, burn calories, and shake off the remorse of a missed workout.

6. Subscribe to Motivational Groups on Social Networks

Pictures of girls with beautiful figures who perfectly motivate athletic feats will regularly be in front of your eyes if you subscribe to fitness groups on social networks. If you are active users of such resources as VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, then feel free to join various sports communities so as not to forget about your primary goal: to lose weight and get gorgeous forms.

7. Take Selfies Before and After Exercise

Create a photo album of your training success on your phone. Take pictures before and after classes, compare your results, and share your successes with your friends. The process of photographing is inspiring and adds positive emotions, so this simple method will help you get involved in sports.

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