How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer: Elliptical trainers are some of the most popular in the gym. They provide practical cardio training that running / walking/cycling with low stress on the joints and heart.

The smooth movement of the ellipse protects the joints from possible damage, which is important for injuries to the knee, hip, and lower body. Also, elliptical trainers can make training as comfortable as possible. Therefore it is not surprising that this type of sports equipment is also famous for training at home. We will tell in the article what you should pay attention to when buying and how to make the right choice.

Which Elliptical Trainer is Better to Buy

A large number of various models of elliptical trainers make it challenging to make a certain choice and make a further purchase. This can be an essential trainers for a standard workout or a professional model for high-intensity exercises. It is essential to determine what type of activity it is intended for: for home or professional use. Exercise machines for a home should meet the requirements of comfort, convenience, and safety.

Professional models should have many features and serve well for a long time. When choosing any trainers, it is necessary to consider a number of important aspects that affect the efficiency, comfort, and safety of use. This list includes weight restriction, stride length, ellipsoid type, dimensions, firmware and sensors, manufacturer.

The Main Criteria for Choosing an Elliptical Trainer

Let’s face it: 75% of your success depends on the right choice of a sports unit. Sometimes the wrong option very quickly fails.

If you do not think over the question “How to choose an ellipsoid?” and to acquire a cheap orbitrek for a user weighing 120 kg, which allows those who weigh no more than 70 kg to deal with the frame very quickly. Avoiding a situation where an incorrectly selected ellipsoid is not suitable for the user is easy: just follow the basic criteria for understanding how to choose an elliptical trainer for the home.


Manufacturers of elliptical trainers are divided into two groups:

  • For home use: HouseFit, Atemi, Body Sculpture, DFC, and many others. The cost of such trainers starts from 8-10 thousand rubles.
  • For mass use in gyms. This group includes Kettler, Oxigen, Life Fitness, AeroFit, Freemotion, and others. These global companies produce professional sports equipment that can found in famous sports clubs. The cost of sports units from these manufacturers starts from 20 thousand rubles.

Weight Limits

Weight restrictions vary depending on the elliptical model of the trainer and range from 100 to 180 kilograms. Mass production trainers typically offer maximum payload to meet the needs of more users. Elliptical machines designed for home use have high weight restrictions that often do not exceed 120 kilograms. Manufacturers advised purchasing a device with a load capacity of 15–20 kg more than the user’s real weight for the correct and long operation of the trainer.

Exceeding the weight limit can cause some functions to malfunction, such as tilt, console, or pedals, and in some cases even seriously damage or break the elliptical trainer.

Stride Length

From the point of view of physical comfort and safety, the step length of an elliptical trainer is an important criterion. Too short a step makes you make unnatural movements that will cause the only discomfort. Too long steps can cause muscle strain or other equally serious injuries. Many elliptical models of trainers offer a step length of 50 centimeters because they are universal and suitable for many people. For this reason, elliptical trainers with this characteristic can found in gyms and public recreation centers. There are trainers with fixed and adjustable stride length. The length-adjustable model allows you to customize the device individually, which is a significant advantage.

User Step Length

Solving the question of how to choose an elliptical trainer, we begin to focus on the “ruble length”, the financial reserve, which is in our pocket and wallet. This is fundamentally wrong. After all, the step length is much more important. It is a pity, most acquirers do not remember this most important criterion.

Step length is a very individual indicator. The Sport World discounter has the widest selection of fitness equipment in which the step length ranges from 30 cm to 1 m. The minimum length (30 to 40 cm) is suitable for people whose height is between 160 and 165 cm. And also for beginners , children, or, on the contrary, elderly people who are still (or already) widely pacing in the orbiter hard.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

Such a trainer may seem to you a budget. And therefore attractive. But if you are looking for an elliptical trainer, deciding which one is best for the home, and really want to improve your physical shape, having a height of 170 cm and above, then such a step length for a truly effective cardio training will not be enough.

People with a height from 165 to 170 cm are more suitable for an orbitreck with a step length of 40 to 50 centimeters. And for those who can be proud of their high growth (from 180 cm), it is better to pay attention to trainers, where the step length is more than 50 cm.

At the same time, no one canceled a reasonable approach when choosing an orbit track. If you buy an elliptical trainer, deciding which one to choose, and immediately want to purchase a model with a step length for professionals (in the region of 1 meter), then you simply can’t train for such a long time and effectively on this trainer, being a beginner.

But the question is – what to do if the elliptical trainer, which one you can choose from us, is bought not for a specific person, but for the whole family? Naturally, a 14-year-old teenage girl with a height of 155 cm, a mother with a height of 168, a dad with a height of 195 and a grandmother with a height of 150 will have completely different requirements for the step length of an ellipsoid.

Is there a way out? He is. Our sports discounter presents models where the desired step length is set with one movement of the hand. It is very convenient, even if you intend to do it alone. After all, your physical form will become better day by day. Consequently, there will be a need to step on the ellipsoid wider.

Avoid models with a minimum stride length that are suitable only for a beginner or a person with a small stature. Get models “for the future”, realizing that your development is a non-stop process.

Elliptical View

Between themselves, elliptical trainers differ in the ellipsoid load system. Some of the most popular in this classification:

  • Belt and mechanical ellipsoids installed in the most budget, light, and compact elliptical trainers. They do not require electric energy to work, but they have a high noise level and low comfort level.
  • Magnetic ellipsoids work by approaching and removing built-in magnets. Adjust the resistance of the attractions using the control panel. This trainer is equipped with a large number of additional functions and is suitable for home use. However, a model with a magnetic ellipsoid will not be able to cope with high-intensity training.
  • Aeromagnetic ellipsoids work on the same principle. The difference lies in the cooling of the magnets, which allows the trainers to use for a longer time than a device with magnetic ellipsoids.
  • Electromagnetic ellipsoids work from the network due to electromagnets, the resistance of which varies with the strength of the current. This type is the most popular, effective, and expensive. An integrated processor controls the trainers and accurately calculates the load. Models with electromagnetic ellipsoids are often found in sports clubs.

User Weight

Even if your weight exceeds 100 kg, don’t be discouraged and say that an elliptical trainer for home is not created for you – which advisors will tell you which one is better to choose in our sports store. After all, we have models for absolutely any weight.

Answering the question of how to choose the elliptical trainer correctly, let’s tell you – never buy sports equipment for a “weighty perspective”. Let’s say you weigh 130 kg, and the trainer is designed for users weighing up to 110. It seems to you that you quickly drive off the extra 20 kg, zealous in training, but it is possible that the frame will break much faster.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer
How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

On the contrary, buying an elliptical trainer and deciding which one to choose, add 5-10 kilograms to your actual weight – with a margin. After all, it is no secret that the most active training on any trainer is only 40% of success. The rest – the weight goes away when training is combined with a good diet.

That’s interesting! Is it possible to choose an elliptical miracle trainers, designed for the “extraordinary weight” of the user? For example, 170-180 kilograms. Yes. The E3 magnetic elliptical aggregate, which boasts a unique Cybex 772 at / e3 monitor, can support a user weighing up to 181 kg. True, the cost of such a sports unit is rather big, like a good car. But, you see, health is more expensive.

Flywheel Weight

Before us is an elliptical trainer for the home, but the question is – what kind of flywheel should it have? When buying an elliptical trainer for the home – the one you need, remember that the weight of the device does not always correspond to the weight of the user. The flywheel is more important.

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

This is a special wheel that drives the pedal. Its weight should be decent – because the more, the better. It is the “weighty” flywheels that provide a stable, and most importantly – a smooth load on the muscles.

People with significant weight (95-100 kg) should prefer flywheels with a weight of 15 kg or more. For those who are more miniature and decide how to choose an elliptical trainer for cardio training (pressure, pulse, strengthening the heart muscle), a flywheel weighing 8 kg is enough.

Q Factor

Let us introduce the reader of these lines in skiing or “for two.” What about the distance between the ankles? In its natural position, it is minimal. Not more than 5-7 cm. This is the Q-factor.

This is the distance between the pedals. If it is minimized, then the movements will be more natural and comfortable. That means there will be minimal load on the joints of the legs.

In the good models that are presented in our discounter, the Q-factor is reduced to an absolute minimum. The Q-factor of 9-10 centimeters is quite sufficient for the training to go “like clockwork”. Paying attention to the Q-factor when buying, you do not just “unload” the legs. The energy released will increase your workout efficiency.

An elliptical trainer – this is what is best for a home to purchase a unit. But it will be exactly the best of the best, if you correctly calculate the step length. And refuse to discount the Q-factor.

Type of Load Adjustment

How to choose an elliptical trainer? Focusing on the load system and the type of its regulation. The decision you made regarding the choice of a particular ellipsoid with a certain type of load will affect not only the effectiveness of the training process. The level of noise produced depends on the loading system with a certain type of load regulation (in some cases, this is a matter of good neighborliness and family well-being), functionality, as well as smoothness and dynamism, plus such an important factor as the comfort of using a sports unit – orbitrek.

Ellipsoids exist and are offered in our online store. In them, the segment that sets the stable load is a magnet. What type of load regulation? It depends on the change in distance. But between what and with what? Correct: between the flywheel and the magnet. A magnet acts on the flywheel more or less intensely. What are the pros and cons?

Magnetic elliptical trainer – the one you can choose from us! – Will not require a 220V network connection. It is compact. Fairly inexpensive. The load is set manually by rotating the special regulator. But magnetic trainers are a budget segment. This model is suitable for users up to 100 kg in weight. There is no firmware available here. There is no way to set an increased level of load. Often, these trainer produce a significant amount of noise due to a sharp (spasmodic) change in the load level.

And what about the electric magnet? This is a device to which, in addition to the magnet, a miniature motor is added. It is thanks to this device (actually – the electric drive) that the distance of the pedals from the flywheel decreases and increases. These are not the most “advanced” ellipsoidal trainers, but you can choose them as an option. Load adjustment is carried out not with a wheel, but with a button on the panel. There are even programs for the level of difficulty of the training. But you will need to connect sports equipment to the network, which will entail the natural costs of paying for electricity. Among the advantages – quiet and smooth operation of the system.

And what about the electromagnetic load system? It is it that is used today in modern and expensive systems, where it is possible to smoothly and gradually change, increasing and decreasing the load level. Expensive, but very effective cardio trainers based on an electromagnetic system not only make it possible to effectively control the magnet resistance, but also, having an on-board computer, offer the widest selection of programs, have the ability to switch with cardiac sensors, and work absolutely silently.

Programs and Sensors

The elliptical trainer can equip with additional programs and sensors that will make the workout more enjoyable and help monitor physical condition and health. A set of built-in sports programs and sensors depends on the goals of the training. So, for home use, six built-in load levels and five sensors will be enough: time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. Functions such as Wi-Fi, an app for tracking workouts, and a wide variety of motivational programs can also be useful.

Top Best Elliptical Trainers

1. Freemotion E12.6

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

Freemotion Fitness was founded in 1999 and is now part of the ICON Health & Fitness Family. The company provides users with ergonomic trainers that improve the user’s physical condition without compromising personal safety. Freemotion E12.6 is the best professional elliptical trainer. The sports unit includes 40 different load levels, as well as step adjustment, so that during training all muscles are actively involved. This elliptical trainer is also equipped with an 18.5-inch color touch screen that allows you to browse web pages during training, connect to iFit to virtually travel around the world via Google Maps, and control your workout and health with built-in modes and sensors.


  • Large textured pedals.
  • Access to applications on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Stand for the tablet, the presence of a USB connector for connecting and recharging devices.
  • The possibility of battery life.
  • Easy to handle, training starts at the touch of a button.


  • English language interface.
  • The possibility of folding is not provided, takes up a lot of space.
  • There is no fan.

2. DFC E8.2A

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

The DFC E8.2A elliptical trainer is the best budget option for home workouts. The unit does not require a network connection and works due to a mechanical load system. The average stride length is 29 centimeters. The trainer can withstand loads of up to 100 kilograms. The device has an adjustable belt load system: with the help of a handle located on the body, the load level on the pedals is adjusted. E8.2A is equipped with a small LED-display in the center, which displays the main indicators during training: time, distance, calories and speed. This model has a large number of positive reviews and is the best budget version of the elliptical trainer.


  • Wide comfortable seat.
  • Corrugated pedals for added stability.
  • Display backlight.
  • There are transport rollers.


  • The training time is not displayed.
  • There are no compensators for uneven floors.
  • Bulky, must not be folded.

3. Xterra FS5.9e

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

Xterra FS5.9e provides effective, comfortable and high-quality training due to numerous built-in sports programs and an adjustable system of structural components. 20 load levels with a maximum load capacity of up to 180 kilograms allow you to use the trainer for the whole family. The unit has 13 built-in sports programs that will help you achieve your goal faster. Featuring a large, easy-to-read 7.5-inch brightly lit LCD screen, intuitive controls, and an interactive wireless heart rate sensor complete with the FS5.9e cardio belt, this is the smartest and most effective way to train. The design includes adjustable soft pedals,


  • Multifunctionality, eight programs.
  • Possibility of professional training due to ramp inclination levels.
  • Heart rate control.
  • Steel frame with good stability.
  • Silent work.
  • 3 levels of pedal adjustment.
  • It is possible to customize the training program.


  • Autonomous food is not provided.
  • No chest heart rate sensor included.

4. Hasttings DRE20

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

DRE20 – the basic model of an elliptical trainer, made in a bright and stylish design that will dilute the home interior. The trainers imitates a running run with a step length of 41 centimeters. Hasttings turned to the use of a magnetic load system, which has established itself in the market as a reliable and easy-to-use sports mechanism. An informative LED display with backlight is located at the chest level and provides convenient access to the choice of sports programs and control of the current training. The built-in indicators include: heart rate measurement, time, revolutions per minute, mileage, calories and speed. The sports unit is equipped with 9 sports programs, as well as programmed training. The design also includes a bottle and tablet / phone holder, as well as a small space for little things. Users describe the sports trainer from Hasttings as a reliable and high-quality device for training.


  • Programs designed for different load levels.
  • Ability to program training.
  • The presence of a heart rate sensor.
  • Silicone grease, the presence of compensators for uneven floors.
  • Large comfortable pedals.
  • Special shelf for tablet and phone.


  • There is no fan.
  • Very bulky.

5. Body Sculpture BE-5920HX

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

A simple mechanical ellipsoid with a belt load system, customizable in 8 levels. The model is equipped with a display showing the main parameters of the training: duration, distance, speed, calories burned. The flywheel here weighs only 4 kg, the step is short – 30 cm.

In addition to low cost, an amateur projectile is very compact in size 86×52 cm. True, you have to pay for this with a small “carrying capacity” of the trainer – not more than 100 kg.

Body Sculpture is the ideal solution for apartments with small rooms. All the necessary functionality is here, and the price of the trainer is the lowest among analogues.


  • Easy to operate;
  • Anti-slip pedals;
  • Very low price;
  • Compactness;
  • Suitable for people with poor physical fitness.


  • It is noisy.

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