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The 5 Best Weight Scales for Each Type of Person

The weight scale or the bathroom scale is one of the essential accessories at home, either because we like to keep up to date with our body weight or because of the infinite possibilities that modern ones offer us. We have selected the 5 best weight scales for you to choose the one that best suits your personality.

In the past, body scales simply consisted of a needle that measured your weight when you got on it. The mechanism was simple: you got on, marked the kg you weigh with the needle and you got off. However, nowadays, a weight scale is much more, and it offers us endless possibilities and we can even connect it with the mobile to save and measure your progress.

With which, now ask yourself the question, what are you looking for in a weight scale? Aesthetics, functionality, simplicity, statistics … or all at once? There is one for every taste.

What’s more, we have done an exhaustive search on the best scales on the market and with the best ratings from the users who have bought them so that you can compare them for yourself and choose the best one for you.

The 5 Best Weight Scales for Each Type of Person

We have the 5 best weight scales online and there is one for each personality type, take note!

1. For the Most Classic

This weight scale is ideal for those people who like the classic and sober style, who do not usually flood the corners of the house with decoration accessories or overload everything.

Its elegant and simple design is based mainly on a glass on four metal bases. A blue LCD screen with a discreet digital counter on top and nothing else.

Each base has a sensor for exact accuracy, units can be converted (kg/lb / st) and has automatic on and off.

It also includes a gift measuring tape.

2. For the Most Precise

We love the black glass design of this weight scale, which is beautiful and elegant and easy to match with any bathroom or bedroom style.

It stands out for the number of things it can measure for the price it has and because it really does it well, among other things it offers:

  • Technology “step on” that turns on automatically when you get on it.
  • Internal memory to store data for up to 8 different users.
  • Calculate body weight, body hydration (water level in the body), body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index), Kcal, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat.

This scale is super complete and practical and has an outrageous value for money.

3. For the Most Sporty and Technological

This weight scale is one of the most complete of all, as it is the one that provides the most data.

It stands out because it has a bluetooth function to connect with your mobile phone and exhaustively monitor such details of your data and your measurements with an app called “Aifit.”

  • It is super technological because it is capable of automatically recognizing the data of each user.
  • It is the most complete and intelligent because it offers up to 20 different health measurements such as weight, fat, visceral fat, protein content, BMI, muscle mass, bone, body water percentage, BMR metabolism, obesity index, biological age, muscle frequency, standard weight, weight control, fat percentage, protein rate, subcutaneous fat, etc.
  • The narrow material is ultra-resistant black glass and the screen is LED, all with high-quality materials.

4. For Lovers of Aesthetics and Design

If you are one of those people who attach great importance to aesthetic appearance and design, do not hesitate, this is your perfect scale.

The Beurer scale has a beautiful, very discreet floral design with a glitter effect and an ultra-thin grayish glass base, which will add a touch of decoration to your bathroom.

It also weighs nothing, has automatic ignition and an LCD screen with digital for easy reading.

5. For the Most Minimalists

Are you one of those minimalist and practical people? Well, that’s how this scale is too. As you can see, its design is so simple that it may seem that it is not even a scale. A sturdy white glass, four sensors for measurement and white light LED indicator as well.

With this scale, you will be able to know all your data because it offers measurement of more than 13 different data and it can be connected by bluetooth to the mobile phone and record all the data with the “feelfit” app.

Among others, the data it provides is weight, Body Mass Index, body fat, weight without fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, water in the body, skeletal muscles, muscle mass, bone mass, proteins, basal metabolic rate, and metabolic age.

It also has an athlete mode, a special detail for most athletes.

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