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Being a mother with young children means that your free time has been limited. There is a lot to think about. When should I feed the baby? What do I do if it cries? Among other questions that every mother asks herself. But there is an important one that only influences you. How do you lose the extra pounds that you have gained during pregnancy? Now your time is limited and therefore you cannot spend long hours in the gym to get fit.

Although your priority now is your little one, you sure want to look good, feel good and have the energy to keep up with the pace that she requires. Lack of sleep and infant feeding schedules make this pretext difficult and therefore, the most comfortable thing is not to do any exercise.

3 Exercises for Busy Moms

This article is purely for busy moms who want to get a fabulous figure but don’t have the time. We have prepared a series of 3 fat burning exercises without the need to go to the gym.


Exercises for Busy Moms

Find a bench and park your baby stroller safely next to you. In front of the bench, place your arms, taking as reference the width of the shoulders. Keeping your back and abs healthy, lower your chest and then return to the starting position. Keep your body in a straight line.


Exercises for Busy Moms

Stand behind the stroller with your hands on the handlebars, always taking your shoulders’ width as a reference. Stride forward with one leg, pushing the stroller with you. Return to the starting position and take another lunge with the other leg. Important, the knee should be in a straight line with your ankle.

3. Squats

Exercises for Busy Moms

Stand behind the cart and as before, put your hands on the handlebars, with your feet and knees forward, squat as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair, keeping the weight of your heels and knees directly above your ankles. Be careful ! do not support the cart; you do not want it to tip over. Then return to the starting position.

Sports Exercise for Busy Moms

Sports exercise for busy moms is a sports home business idea. August Robertson is a mom of girls 4 and 2 years old and the owner of Fit Momz Fit Kidz, which sells sports exercises for busy moms on disks. She created sports exercises after the birth of her second daughter. With the birth of a child, her free time became even tighter, there was no time left for herself. August gave up sports, but found a way out – she began to exercise at home with the children.

Together with her husband, she has developed sports exercises for busy mothers, which are done with children from small to preschool. Sports exercises do not require any equipment and devices, are performed at home and take little time. Most importantly, to perform these sports exercises, you do not need to look for a free time from children – all sports exercises are done together. These sports exercises have a significant effect: in addition to strengthening muscles and losing weight, blood pressure normalizes, energy rises, insomnia disappears, and mood improves.

Exercises for Busy Moms

The site regularly publishes sports exercises and articles with advice on proper nutrition, sports and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Some have a paid membership where they receive personalized information by mail or telephone. According to August, the business started of necessity. There was a problem; she solved it for herself and created sports exercises. And then she offered these sports exercises to others. Starting a sports business is profitable and benefits others. Play sports and stay healthy.

Exercise Plan for Busy Moms

Exercises for Busy Moms

With all the joys of parenting, realities also arise – a long shower is now a luxury and a moment of silence is a sweet pleasure. Finding time to work as a busy mom is difficult, but not impossible. Set fitness goals so you can develop an exercise plan for your life. With a little planning and some creativity, you can have quality time with your kids and work 150 minutes of exercise every week – 30 minutes, five days a week – as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Write to Yourself in

When you schedule a time for work, you will follow much more often. Sit down every week and write at the time and what you will be doing on the calendar. Busy schedules can vary from week to week, so deciding when to work is best done on a weekly basis. Having your workouts on a calendar allows the family to see your availability and eliminates excuses. It’s okay if you can’t do 30 consecutive minutes of exercise – break the exercise for three 10-minute increments of medium to high-intensity exercise to meet your daily needs.


The gym is not the only place where you can work. When you’re in your child’s soccer practice, find some free space to the side and do 20 minutes of chess exercise – 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest. When your child starts to fuss, take him outside in the stroller and go on a 20-minute run. In the park, use a picnic table for build-ups, incline push-ups, and tricep dips.

Creative Obstacles and Teamwork

Finding quality time with your kids can be challenging at times. Try setting up a backyard obstacle course that includes and does exercise with them. They’ll think it’s fun and you get a workout. Model physical fitness for your children by joining you in your workouts. They will love spending time with you, even if it’s as easy as walking, cycling, yoga, or swimming together.

Ready Set Go

The key to a successful workout schedule has been prepared. Finding little time throughout the day or week does everything it can to achieve your fitness goals. You have a resistance band, yoga mat, or a pair of dumbbells in your car, so you’ll always be ready for any workout opportunity. If you are training outside, have a contingency plan for inclement weather. Shopping malls, community centers and recreation centers provide indoor space with little or no cost.

How to Find Time for Mom Fitness

Getting fit and fit is a tough challenge for any busy mom. How to find time to exercise when the day is already packed. Work, childcare and parenting, household chores, cooking every day, sudden illness, school and kindergarten assignments all sound intimidating. But exercise is vital for every mom and has health benefits. Therefore, it still makes sense to find time for this.

Keep it Simple

Hard Is Unrealistic. If your exercise programs are too complicated, long, or expensive, you will quit very quickly. Moms usually don’t have time to sweat for an hour in the gym, spending another two hours packing and getting back and forth. Hourly training three times a week is exhausting and if any problem occurs, the gym is abandoned first. Therefore, you need cheap and straightforward ways to play sports that do not take so much time and effort right away. If the program is convenient and easy to do, you can probably stick with it.

Try cycling or walking to work. As well as half an hour, brisk walks or jogging at lunchtime.

Train at home. Use your recorded fitness videos as a personal trainer. Train every day in small portions: 10, 15, 20 minutes.

Include Children

If you feel like sports are separating you from your kids, then don’t distance yourself from them, but rather include them in your fitness program. With the baby, you can walk in a sling and carry an active step – this way, you will get a good load on your legs and aerobic exercise. Or you can walk briskly with a stroller. There are even unique strollers for jogging and jogging.

Pay attention to the comfortable strollers at Baciuzzi – they will allow you to move actively. Choose the all-terrain options, and an online consultation will tell you which type of wheels roll more smoothly and do not shake the stroller on every bump. A good stroller will give you the ability to walk at a brisk pace, so a simple daily walk with your baby will provide you with good aerobic exercise. And if you add another 15 minutes of general exercise, you will get in shape and feel great!

With older children, a bicycle is a suitable, active game in the park. There are also fitness programs for moms that include babies (like live weights). All of this will help you keep in touch with your kids and make exercise fun and interesting.

Without Leaving the Checkout

You can keep light dumbbells on your desk and do simple exercises every two hours right at your desk. Try to find time to train at work! Instead of spending your entire lunch break, chatting and tea with your coworkers, spend 15 minutes on exercise. Perhaps you will have accomplices and you will not be embarrassed alone.

Short & Effective Workouts

As a mom, you are a member of an elite club of multitasking people. If there is no time at all, even half an hour a day, apply the same multitasking skills to exercise. Try programs that work your entire body for maximum effectiveness. Instead of regular aerobic programs, try doing high-intensity versions of simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push-ups, planks, squats – for 30 seconds for 3-4 cycles. This will give you an overall body workout using your weight. These high-intensity exercises can be difficult for beginners, so build up your reps and sets gradually.

The words “playing sports” shouldn’t be scary, because sometimes it’s hard to even think about where to start when you are a mom and are busy all the time. Still, the health benefits and your self-image are so high that it’s worth starting to use some of these simple and useful tips.

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